Working at DONG Energy



Work place

​Individuality is a strength – and we respect our employees' competences. Our clear wish is to become a multiple organisation. We employ people from the following categories; engineering & science, finance & management, business and support, technicians, sales, it-support and administration. The largest groups being technicians, engineers and finance & management.

To our employees, challenging work and professional colleagues are important. It is equally important to be proud of the company's products and external image profile. Our goal is to create a continuous professional and personal development focusing on each employee.

Working at DONG Energy

Career development

​At DONG Energy, we want to be best-in-class. This applies to everybody in our organisation. To require this, we as a company must give our employees the chance to maintain that position. For this reason, we offer a variety of comprehensive development and training programmes at DONG Energy from brief seminars and one-day courses to long-term training programmes.

Career paths
At DONG Energy, we recognise that our employees have different wishes and ambitions for their careers and development. And a career is more than management and staff responsibility. Skilled specialists and project managers are just as valuable to us and there are many ways of building a career.

Personal development
We don’t just focus on professional development – personal development plays an equally important role in your work life and your cooperation with others. For this reason, you will discover that you have the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally.​


​At DONG Energy we think of our employees as resources that we borrow during the day. For this reason, it is important to us that our employees return home feeling at least as good as they did when they left in the morning.

To prevent imbalances and stress we believe it is important to focus on the opposite, i.e. being well-balanced. This is important to us as a company but also to the individual employee.

We put focus on stress and imbalances, among other things through our annual climate surveys, in which we ask our employees how they experience work pressure and stress in their everyday lives.



​A healthy body is essential for maintaining a balanced mind. We believe it is our responsibility to make it easier for our employees to make healthy choices. For this reason, we offer our employees the possibility of eating healthy food and exercising.

We have fitness rooms at the majority of our locations and our employee associations are in charge of various sports activities after hours and during weekends, for instance cycling rides, badminton, football, golf, jogging, handball, sailing, tennis, etc.



At DONG Energy we are proud of our workplace. We focus on whole people and whole lives. It is important to us that our workplace offers exiting tasks and high professional standards. Also, it is important that our working environment supports the modern way of life, which involves a need for great flexibility and individual solutions.

We are very concerned about employee welfare. Therefore, once a year a climate-survey is made: we take the temperature of our working place to ensure a good dialogue, satisfied employees and good management. The survey results are converted into action plans and new activities.

Our employees have the opportunity of being member of different staff clubs, and DONG Energy support several health campaigns, for instance the annual ”We cycle to work" campaign as well as the DHL Relay.

QHSE - Quality, health, safety & environment

​QHSE is a common responsibility for all employees, and managers in our organisation is required to be a role model in this area all the time.

DONG Energy must be a workplace where we put safety – our own and that of our colleagues – on top of the agenda. All DONG Energy employees must be sure to get home as safe and sound as when they left for work.

Safety is given a high priority and you will, if you become an employee, experience first-hand what safety culture means and also help make it a larger part of our culture.



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